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The book, The Flowers of Exeter, is a professionally researched analysis of the floral carvings in Exeter Cathedral. It examines the spiritual and sociological background to the carvings and goes on to describe in detail 76 carved bosses and corbels, each with a close up colour photograph. They are cross referenced against clear location plans.

Other photographs and a line drawing make up the 100 colour illustrations, and there is a bibliography with 77 items.

The book is available in both hardback and paperback form.

The Flowers of ExeterHardback. Blue cloth bound with gold blocking. 170 Gm Art Silk.71pp.

          24.5 x 18.5 cm; 10 x 7.5 in.

ISBN  0-9532652-1-8.   £15.00 p&p.£1.50 in U.K.

Paperback. Stiff card cover. 170 gm Art Silk. 71pp.24 x 18 cm. 9.5 x 7.25 in.

ISBN  0-9532652-2-8.    £10.00.  p&p £1.00 in U.K.

From the publishers;

Charlesfort Press, Northover, Great Church Way, Plymouth PL9 8JY. U.K.

Or any bookseller or

Please note that the paperback version of the book is out of print from December 2007. The hardback version is still available.

Charlesfort Press is also the publisher of the book 'God's Beasts'.


Identify and understand animals in church carvings.

0-9532652-0-X      £20.00. pbk.

This book is a fount of information about all those curious animals one meets in church carving that seem so strange to our eyes. Some are no strangers to us but would have been very strange to the people of the middle ages; e.g. elephants and lions. Many originate in the Bestiary, a book that provided authoritative answers for the spiritually hungry of those times. From amphisbaena and antelope to wyvern and yale, they are all there, plus some of the mere enigmatic fables.

Regretably out of print from Jan. 2005.



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